Thief: The Dark Project – 20th Anniversary Oral History

20 years ago, November 30th, 1998, Looking Glass Studios under publisher Eidos Interactive released Thief: the Dark Project. This hugely influential stealth game came on the heels of one of the most complicated and innovative development periods in the history of the industry.

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So you want to try playing Thief 1

I've been streaming some Thief 1 for the past month, which has gotten some people interested in trying the game for themselves. You definitely should, especially if you like eclectic first person games, immersive sims, open world games, or walking simulators... it's almost 20 years old, yet it still feels really different and fresh and distinct from anything today. That said, it can be a bit tricky to play for modern tastes, so here's a bit of advice for getting into Thief...

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